New Song: “Other Side” (MP3)

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Decoder Magazine just leaked “Other Side,” a new Lame Drivers song rec’d by Matt Tong. Matt’s our good pal and this was a great recording experience. We hope to record some more songs with him if he gets another free moment amidst Bloc Party tours.

Artwork by Sarah Hotchkiss, also a good friend and co-director of the Stairwell’s Gallery in San Francisco. We’re happy to work with such talented artists as we preparing to release our first vinyl LP + Flexi-Disc EP.

With your support, we’ll all get to see this here impossible shape spinnin’ around on a flexi-disc comin soon to your turntable!

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  1. our twitter pal @jgomezt requested lyrics to Other Side so here they are:

    i don’t believe in your medicine
    so leave me to die
    and when i said “i’m goin crazy”
    i meant to the other side.

    go on ahead past the neighbors’ fence
    climb into their yard
    it was all God’s land another time, lady
    we’re reclaiming our part

    couldn’t entertain that in our world
    i suggest you throw the telephone away
    be that mask.
    be that mask you wear in your play

    alarm awake now you’re energized!
    to make an impression
    i would like my soul to levitate
    see you from the other side

    all you right in hand step there about
    all the weaklings stand in line
    you keep getting pushed over the edge
    go on and reach for the sky

    but you couldn’t entertain that in our world
    i suggst you throw this telephone away
    be that mask…
    be that mask your eyes close!

    you oughta see life from this angle
    the world is a ball-shaped mass you’re just a little spot on it
    see you from the other side.

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