Chosen Era is here! Our debut LP, out Oct 9th


Chosen Era, the first Lame Drivers LP, is out Oct 9th in collaboration with Bleeding Gold Records. Yes, we’ve been a band for a long time and released music on all sorts of other formats (flexi-book, hollowed out book, tape, 12″ comp, split 7″). Well, this is our first 12″ LP. It’s been a long time comin, and we’re psyched to share these songs that’ve been in the works for years. Yellow vinyl. 300 copies.

Also available on CD from Jigsaw Records with special bonus tracks.



:: Side A ::
1. Eyes
2. Outlaw for a Day
3. Frozen Egg
4. Throw it to the Moon
5. Slow Detective
6. Berlin

:: Side B ::
1. Right Track
2. Vacation
3. Season Control
4. Sister
5. Free Martin
6. Unseen Tarot

:: CD Bonus Tracks ::
Color Me Dead
Other Side (remastered)

Chosen Era was recorded by Lame Drivers at home in the basement, and also by Matt Tong (ex-Bloc Party), and Travis Harrison (Homosexuals, GBV), and Geoff Sanoff (Obits) recorded one of the bonus tracks. All mastered by Jamal Ruhe (Sheer Mag). 

Release show Oct 8th at Shea Stadium with The Woolen Men (Woodsist / PDX), EZTV (Captured Tracks) and Gingerlys (Shelflife).



  1. oh man, the wait is over! I’ve played the hell out of the flexi-book (saved my ass in the post-breakup blues), and I’ll consider this new one a birthday present (close enough). will the LP have a download with these bonus tunes? must pre-order this second! or as soon as Bleeding Gold will let me,

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