Millions of Songs


It was pretty surreal to play a show at Eureka CA’s Little Red Lion last night while this jukebox animation flashed to the side of the stage. Never before have we been so clearly up against “Millions of Songs,” with our set of live music in between Humboldt’s premier cosmic rock band Scotch Wiggly (featuring spooky theremin on mega-jam “Too Far Out”) and Arcata’s basement heroes The Wild Lungs.

But between the band’s sets, the jukebox stared out silent. The bartender didn’t have an iPod and coins stayed firmly in pockets, uninterested in those Millions of Songs (other than one curious spin of the new No Doubt song).

Instead, those quarters got together and fueled Lame Drivers’ quest to record our own songs when people put ’em towards the west coast edition of Cruisin’ Classics. Some lucky audience members also picked up the last copies of our split tape with (here it comes…) the band Eureka California, who live thousands of miles away in Athens, GA, but proudly take their name from the very town we were in! Dirty Pillows Recs might have a few more copies of the split.

We’re spreading the word here in parts of the country where nobody had ever heard of Lame Drivers. We’ve played with great bands every step of the way, and there have been a few folks in the audience each night telling us to come back so that they can set up something at their house, club, pizza palace, or wherever it is the Lame Kids of the Future are sure to be.

We’re laying the groundwork for the future of the band right now. The tour is paving a path, and your kickstarter backing puts us well on our way towards recording a few of our own Millions of Songs.

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