Summer 2012 Tour Photos


Lame Drivers spent a bunch of days on the road this summer with our PDX pals the Woolen Men. We played at least one show every day, and took photos along the way of the bugs we saw, the slaw we ate, the couches we slept on, the bands we played with, the people we met, the vehicles we passed by on the road and on and on.

We could not document everything. There are many moments that will only exist in our minds and in the stories we’ll have to tell you later. But thanks to my obsession with instagram (@therewasaguy), Alex’s occasional flickr-ing, and our super photographer friends like M. Elizabeth Hershey (–> live pics from Bloomington below), there are a bunch of photos. We’re posting them here as a time capsule to aid our own memories, and perhaps as entertainment for you. There is some partial nudity. We’ve got the West Coast (Aug 17-24) photos first, then East Coast (Jul 18-29), each in roughly chronological order…

Click an image to view them all in a slide show!

Jeff @ Clear Lake, Lucerne, California // CLICK TO VIEW SLIDESHOW

Dragonfly @ Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento

Setting up for house show / garden party @ Cat’s house (Dog Camp), SF

Michael Stasis at Dog Camp, SF 9/17

Princess Donna

Music Concourse outside the DeYoung in Golden Gate Park, SF // on our way to Fresno…

Alex: “I am a Tree”

San Francisco: The Next Generation

Ruth Asawa at the DeYoung Museum, SF

Cornelia Parker, “Anti-Mass,” from the remains of a church burnt by arsonists, at the DeYoung Museum, SF

Pre-show crowd @ Game Time Pizza Palace, Fresno CA 9/18

Woolen Men @ Game Time Pizza, Fresno CA 9/18

Game Time Pizza, Fresno CA

KRAFT promotional vehicle and Raiders bus trip @ Game Time

Couches we slept on at C.A.F.E. Infoshop, Fresno CA

We moved that thing to the other side of the room to keep the tweakers from peaking in on us sleeping

Alex with Bitter Melon (leftover from Food Not Bombs) @ C.A.F.E. Infoshop / we didn’t read the wall til later

Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro

Woolen Men @ Harold’s Place, San Pedro 8/19

dublab, Los Angeles 8/20

Frosty @ DUBLAB


driving by Zen Wellness CA

My Name is Joe also played this show, and there was an alternate flyer by Tank Attack that we can’t find

Lawton, Merchant of Reality SF

KFJC, Los Altos Hills 8/21

KFJC, Los Altos Hills 8/21

Leslie was my babysitter growing up in SF and a KFJC DJ


KFJC 7″ bin

KDVS Presents w/ Apache Dropout & Charles Albright! This is the show that convinced us to do the tour!

Luigi’s FunGarden & Slice, Sacramento 8/21 – thanks Lauren for saving my cheeseless pizza!

Jason @ Fungarden want pizza

We stayed with Larry in Sacramento. His pad’s stocked with records, books, found video and awesomeness

Larry’s, Sacramento. Check out his radio show Tripping with the Flower Vato on KDVS

Larry’s Pad

Lucerne, the Switzerland of America, Clear Lake California

Dead Fish @ Clear Lake, Lucerne

Jeff going wild on this break in our drive from Sacramento to Eureka


The Wild Lungs / Lame Drivers / Scotch Wiggly @ Little Red Lion, Eureka CA (Fogliner cancelled, but this was fun anyway)

Scotch Wiggly @ Lil Red Lion, Eureka CA 8/22

Pacific Outfitters of Eureka

Why would anybody want to watch our band play when there are millions of songs available now on the digital jukebox?

The Wild Lungs @ Little Red Lion, Eureka CA

Ellis traded a Wild Lungs shirt for a Lame shirt

Eureka CA

Spare Tire, Eureka CA

lazerdiscs @ Record Room, Portland OR 8/23

Raf @ Spielman Coffee Roasters, home of PDX’s best bagels

Lame Van, PDX

G. Green @ Slabtown, PDX 8/24

Tour’s over, and Joe found a shortcut


Captain Amazing EP reissue at Armageddon, Providence RI

Woolen Men at Video Underground, Jamaica Plain 7/19

Primanti Bros, Pittsburgh

hello from Ohio

shootin pool at The Summit, Columbus OH 7/21

We got an engagement gift for our Detroit hosts Al & Helene and we also got some BK (and you know what else)

Eastern Market, Detroit

the next photos –> video via Al of System D Detroit:

BBOX Radio + WFMU “Talk’s Cheap!”

Power Wheels + Confetti Gun + JBL’s + @OmniCorp

Grillin’ w/ Sros Lords and Growwing Pains @ OmniCorp Detroit

RIP Fendler @ Omni Corp Detroit (OCD) 7/22/2012

Alex of Woolen Men’s knockoff bass got knocked out at omni corp

tighten the sparring glove

Crunk Beach, Belle Isle, Detroit


Burlington, Chicago

We played with The Funs @ The Burlington, July 23rd 2012

Creepin’ on the floor, Chicago

Alex slept in this Chicago yard until the 5am thunderstorm.

Pork Tenderloin & Grammatical Error @ the Mug ‘n’ Bun, IN

Root Beer @ Mug-n-Bun

Photos from Bear’s Place, Bloomington IN, by M. Elizabeth Hershey:

Lame Drivers @ Bear’s Place, Bloomington IN 7/24 photo by Elizabeth Hershey

Lame Drivers @ Bear’s Place, Bloomington IN 7/24 photo by Elizabeth Hershey

Woolen Men @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Woolen Men @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Woolen Men @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Woolen Men @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Woolen Men @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Woolen Men @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Bloody Mess @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Bloody Mess @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Bloody Mess @ Bear’s Place, 7/24

Bloody Mess @ Bear’s Place, 7/24


Bloody Mess (instagram)

Somebody at Bear’s Place doesn’t like Jazz

West Boggs Lake, IN

Bolton’s, Nashville TN

Jeff Would

Dino’s, Nashville

Square People @ Dino’s, Nashville 7/24

McKay Used Books, CDs, Movies & More, Nashville TN

Loot from McKay, props to Stu (@dudeassface)

Aunt Eva’s, Nashville

Jason and Great Aunt Eva, 96 and still sharp, at Wendell’s the Nashville liquor store / diner

Alex at the other side of Wendell’s

Bill Spoon’s BBQ, Charlotte NC: sweet tea, hush puppies, fried pickles, brunswick stew, slaw, pulled pork sandwich, vinegar, banana pudding (not pictured)

Firey sky post-thunderstorm outside The Layabout in Durham

Durham at Dusk

Unfortunately this show got shut down midway thru

It was fun while it lasted…

We played New Brunswick with Home Blitz and Appendix

We got nothing on naked people…they’re magic!

Rockaway Beach

 Thank you, hope to see you next time!

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