Live 90-min Summer Solstice Set on Fulton St June 21st 6:30pm *sharp*


Lame Drivers is looking forward to participating in Make Music NY, our local Fête de la Musique where 1000+ bands play live outside all over NYC in honor of the solstice. We really wanted to play on Punk Island or join the Wall St iPhone Jam, but are just as excited to be playing live on Fowler Square, at Fulton & Lafayette in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We’ll be sucking electricity out of Mullanes Bar & Grill via our own extension cables, and borrowing our neighbors’ PA to play before the General Fowler’s statue and in his park.

The best part is that Lame Drivers have a 90-minute set, which is the longest set we have ever had. How will we fill the time? By playing 45 two-minute songs? Or 30 three-minute songs? Will we fill the time with banter? Or with wankery? We’re not sure, but we’ve been working on a lot of new songs and bringing back old ones, so we’re gonna make good use of the time. We would be looking forward to this even more if we knew that you, a reader of this blog, were going to be among the hecklers and passersby. See you on Tuesday at 7pm 6:30pm on Fulton Street!

“Sharks & Minnows”


  1. change of plans: show starts at 6:30 because we have to end by 8pm (noise permits)

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