@CAke ShOP Monday June 13th! w/ Angels in America, Weyes Blood, PC Worship, Bernstien-Gardner-Eilbacher Trio


Northern-Spy Records Presents:

Angels in America

Weyes Blood

Lame Drivers

PC Worship

Bernstein-Gardner-Eilbacher Trio (ex-Teeth Mountain)


$5 Show at 8


Angels in America
What to make of ANGELS IN AMERICA? Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten have a history of
producing self-released masterpiece microeditions which are then reissued. Their first tape, CUNT TREE GRAMMER, was rereleased on Ecstatic Peace in 2009; their second, ALLERGIC TO LATEX, on Digitalis Ltd in 2010. With each outing they expand their skuzz palette to take in a bit more, and NARROW ROAD TO THE INTERIOR is no exception; amidst its folds you’ll find dreamy squirts, nightmare emissions, skeletal instrumentals snaking dizzily over Moppy’s voice…no matter the canvas, nothing goes unsmeared.

MP3 & Pic:
Weyes Blood
Natalie Weyes Blood (originally Weyes Bluhd) has existed in the grime-ghost fringe-music catacombs since at least 2006, starting as a conventional folk singer in an unamplified universe, then transforming into a more a crouched/hieroglyphic electronic chasm style, culminating in a European tour with Axolotl. After two seasons of hibernation and a relocation to Baltimore, she materialized her ‘Blood In Bluhd Out’ evolution and began writing/playing the darkly haunted narcotic drifter ballads that make up The Outside Room, her first official full-length. The entire album was recorded, mixed and produced by Mering herself, then mastered by good friend Graham Lambkin. The record has shadows of The Shadow Ring in the oddly creaking ambient sounds and stark, nuanced production, which lend the eerily beautiful neo-Nico death-folk laments a more modern, art-skewed sheen. There’s still echoes of her old drone/tape-ghost-clouds moods on tracks like “In The Isle Of Agnitio” and the long, bells-laden outro to “Romneydale,” but the bulk of the LP is swooning and sweeping, with Natalie’s gorgeous, quasi-Teutonic vox leading the way. A subtly mesmerizing long-player, very “out of time,” and strangely untouched by contempo influences. Pic:

Lame Drivers:

PC Worship

Teeth Mountain and Gary War members start a warehouse commune and trip the bad acid. Influenced by “living in a trench.”

“Doomsday shitgaze” – Village Voice

“…crosses into sweet green pools of melody, and the sun-scarred pop music that results sounds like cold water filling out the burnt core the band built over so many thrash sessions.” – IMPOSE

“With a sound that evokes some nonexistent David Lynch documentary about (early) Beck and (early) Lou Reed smoking PCP and jamming until dawn, PC Worship is definitely an act to keep a stoned ear on.” – Foxy Digitalis

Pic :



Bernstien-Gardner-Eilbacher Trio
“A couple of my old bandmates from Baltimore, who I was in Teeth Mountain with, are doing a tour together where they are either doing solo sets or a collective set, they are Owen Gardner (Black Vatican, x-TM), Max Eilbacher (Needle Gun, x-TM) and Andrew Bernstein (Dan Deacons Ensemble, x-TM, etc.). They all do a bunch of other projects and are involved with High Zero in Baltimore and will be coming thru nyc that day. Anyways, you think there’s room to have them do a short opening set on this cakeshop show on June 13? Their tunes are rad and it would be a cool addition if you’re down.”

Black Vatican Vid:

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