We Made It! Lame Drivers Puppy Video on YouTube


We also made it to SXSW and I’m gonna tell you all about the 5 (or maybe more like 4 and a half) shows that we played in the next post, but first I just wanted to share this with you:

it’s a Creative Commons-licensed video of some cute dogs playing (looks like they’re gonna eat each other!) made with the olde Lame Drivers song “Excess” as part of the soundtrack. “Excess” featured Matt LeMay on drums channeling Ride, and I’m pretty sure that Joe Posner played bass, there’s some Kevin Sparks guitar in there. It’s a Cruisin’ Classic circa 2006. “Excess” had just gone up on the Free Music Archive along with a few other tracks off of our Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA)-licensed Cruisin’ Classics 2003-2010 retrospective, and it’s so cool that somebody found it and made this video the very next day!

We hope to see/hear Lame Drivers music soundtracking many more puppy videos, as well as kitty videos, snake videos, and human baby videos.

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