Unlimited Ride: Live & Unheard C60 :: Cassette Store Day



Even as we get meticulous with our Debut LP, Lame Drivers continue to make lots of spontaneous, unpolished, lofi recordings. So when Tom from Mirror Universe asked us to do an International Cassette Store Day release of live radio tracks, we had a lot of stuff that we thought would “sound best on cassette.” We gathered live tracks from the radio (WFMU, WKDU, BSR, DUBLAB, KFJC) venues (Cake Shop, Southpaw, Fellowship Hall), dozens of practice tapes, and transmissions from demoverse.

Unlimited Ride: Live & Unheard C60 is a 60 minute mixtape/collage of 34 previously unreleased recordings. First edition of 50 physical copies will be available at the Silent Barn Cassette Fair TONIGHT where we’re playing along with Sleepies, Imperial Topaz, Trabajo, Nonhorse, Raindeer, and NAFTA. We’ll save 10 copies that’ll ship next week along with Lame Drivers Pens. The tapes will also be available at Mirror Universe Tapes after the Cassette Store Day madness subsides.

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