nu lamer demos: ease into it + rearrange


"Görlitzer Park" Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Uli Herrmann

Would you believe these are just some unheard new Lame Drivers demos, flipped n’ reversed via twisted cassette? They’re Creative Commons BY-NC so feel free to remix ’em to your liking. Though I’d appreciate if you waited until the actual songs are released to pull them up to human speed and fix the Martian Timeslip experiment. This has nothing to do with Justin Beiber 800-x slow.

One of these was source material, while the other was not…can you guess which?


WiseUp (ease into it demo)

they both are really rough solo sketches of songs that’ll be way more awesome with the actual Lame Drivers band playin’ em, part of a new batch for the Fall!

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