Lame Drivers / My Teenage Stride / Surprisers / Easter Vomit / DJ Home Blitz / DJ Lemon Dots / Free Margaritas @ The Delancey oct 14


gr8 show comin’ up on Thursday @ The Delancey, it’s gonna be like Muppets Take Manhattan with 3 of Brooklyn’s finest plus Lame Drivers, it’s gonna be like Lame Drivers on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, it’s gonna be…like… click on the flyer!

8:00 pm doors

>> DJ Lemon Dots one of the 2 best DJ’s around

8:30 Easter Vomit

new band from JW who was the true genius behind The Beets and was also in Gutsies the band that could’ve been bigger than the Beatles

9:30 The Surprisers

Supergroup includes former Oxford Collapse & Cause CoMotion-ers, current McD0nald5 & German Measles, and, on vocals, Abe, who I will never look at the same ever again after being blown away by the raw Gun Club Over The Edge-ness of their live show. “a little like Elvis if he went insane.” …BEAR WITNESS!

>> 10pm DJ Daniel “Home BlitzDiMaggio (Giants of Jazz) AND Free Margaritas Begin!!

10:30 My Teenage Stride

Brooklyn’s legendary Indie-Pop band, led by Jedediah Smith, “one of the best songwriters in the country”. And this song‘s been called “one of the best songs of the decade”…but I think these songs are even better and they’re brand spankin’ new!


fcuk justin bieber

…stick around!

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