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“Speaking of very good 90s college rock, Lame Drivers are an interesting band.  No doubt, they are good.  Their live show is tight, concise, and would make Robert Pollard smile.  They’ve been around on the scene for so long, I really feel that they have not received the recognition they deserve from the Internet music world at large.  It’s almost as if they came along ten years too late.  I can only imagine that if this were 1995 they’d have a pretty big record deal and be getting interviewed by Matt Pinfield on MTV.  But they’re not.  Did anyone watch the new Fred Armisen sketch show, Portlandia?  It opens with a hilarious sketch about a place where the 90s are still alive: Portland.  That sketch is EXACTLY how Lame Drivers feels to me.  It’s a subtle change in how cool is perceived since then that’s difficult to articulate, but Armisen hits the nail on the head.” (New York Rock Market)

Joe plays the bass

Thanks for the kind words, Internet music blog, and more importantly thanks for documenting the show we put together at The Delancey last Thursday Jan 13th! We booked it from scratch just like last time, so we once again got to see + hear some of our favorite music acts: Eola (Edwin of Tonstartssbandht), Harpoon Forever (thanks for letting me borrow your guitar, Alex!), Cool World, plus killa DJ sets by Rock N Roll James (Violet Times) + DJ The-Glide (Friendship Bracelet).

Despite the fun times and free vodka… but let us NEVER FORGET how the show ended: with VIOLENCE when our gracefully moshing friend Jared was thrown out and beaten by a security guard!

Last Call For Violence

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