Digital Postcard: “Frozen Egg” (MP3)

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Postcard: “Frozen Egg” (Click to download MP3)

Artwork: “Youth” by Umman Turkoglu
Recorded by Matt Tong at Exploded Drawing

This is a track from our forthcoming Flexi-Disc EP. Originally we’d planned five flexi postcards, but our Kickstarter exceeded the goal so we’re realizing our dream of a Flexi-Book that you can play on your turntable like this:


The Flexi-Book format is inspired by a National Geographic guide to bird sounds, and it sounds fantastic—we’ve had the Group Flex from Castle Face on heavy rotation. We’ve been working on extra songs, more handmade artwork, and enough copies to distribute around the world. We’re at the mastering stage and they should be ready within the next month.

Super fans will find a demo version of “Frozen Egg” on the Eureka California tape amidst our digital archive of every recording we have ever made, along with lots of other song ideas that we are developing thanks to your support. We’ve been making the most of our budget by doing some studio recordings with Matt Tong, JZ Barrell, and Sammy Bananas, along with home recording at Rad Town. We have 17 new songs written for our debut LP, a bunch of sessions coming up in January, and we are psyched for what’s to come.

While preparing the Flexi EP and Debut LP, we’re also got our hands full with additional Kickstarter rewards like the Covers EP and the Digital Archive of every recording we have ever made (for Super LD Fans). Meanwhile, there have been some outside distractions beyond the day-to-day: Jason was shipped off to Australia for a Home Blitz tour, he and Jeff have been doing multimedia work for Piehole productions (expect the Mann Ist Mann studio album soon—music by J. Sigal, lyrics by B. Brecht), Joe got engaged (during band practice no less!), and a few of the recording dates Matt Tong had set aside for us between Bloc Party tours were derailed by Hurricane Sandy. We don’t want to compromise the quality of the releases that our backers have made possible, so we hope you’ll appreciate that we’re not going to rush things.

You can order a Lame Drivers Flexi Disc EP here, and they should be ready in early January. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy “Frozen Egg” and feel free to share the mp3!

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  1. >>> we got a request for lyrics to this song so here they are! >>>

    still offering
    to the drone machine
    could you put a new face on my card?
    the star symbol
    for streaming carbon
    the ox symbol of Eden

    not gonna be held back by the ranger’s saddle
    no reaction
    without pain
    i get lost

    back pedal the angels scatter
    give up the frozen egg!


    televise new england
    looks like you’re holdin’ it down
    it’s my challenge
    i’m not trying to deceive you
    by the caligraphy pen of the ancient scholar
    demonstrate if it maintains its sharp point

    react now while the angels scatter
    live up the golden age…

    and sing wooo….

    frozen egg
    well it aint my soul and it aint my soldier
    aint my soul and it aint my chosen era

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