Tri-State Tour: Death By Audio, The Pharmacy, Monty Hall


We’re micro-touring our favorite Tri-State Area this week with our favorite west coast pals The Woolen Men!

Thursday Nov 6 we play Brooklyn NY’s Death By Audio with Woods and Nonhorse. This night is also the opening of Death By Art, which turns the entire facility into a massive art gallery (featuring work by Lame Jason). We’re thrilled to be part of this incredible month at DBA, but also very sad that the venue is closing on Nov 22nd—we’re really going to miss Death By Audio. (fb)


Thursday Nov 7th we’re at The Pharmacy in Philadelphia PA with The Cats and Space Drugs. We dig both these bands a lot and do you have a prescription for keg beer? Well this Pharmacy has just what the doctor ordered. (fb)

Sunday Nov 9th we’re in Jersey City NJ at WFMU’s new performance space Monty Hall, along with Yonatan Gat of Monotonix. This show is presented by Hello Children with Faye and Liz Berg. (fb)

All shows are with The Woolen Men, too.

After these shows, we’re not booking anything until we have an LP. It’s almost ready!

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