Cake Shop Record Store Day Party, Sat 4/21 *EARLY SHOW*


This Saturday is Record Store Day.

Lame Drivers play Cake Shop at 7:45pm *sharp*.

Cake Shop started out with the really cool model of being a record store, bakery, venue, and bar all-in-one. Guess what was the first thing to get cut? The record store.

On Saturday, they’re bringing back the CAPESHOK RECORD MART all day long! There’ll be free live music from The Hairs, Arm Candy, Front Yards, Hector’s Pets and more. Then we play. Then after we play, stay for the rrreal show with WHat Next? (memb Cause CoMotion, The Beets, German Measles etc), Literature, The Zoltars from Austin, and UK DIY legend Zarjaz (Tronics/Freakapuss). Sweet!

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