July 3rd BBQ: Lame Drivers, Vaz, Epileptinomicon/McCord, DeTrop, Sick to the Back Teeth, TinniTusk


July 3rd BBQ starts at 3:30!
Music starts at 4 w/ TinniTusk and goes until 10:30!!!
we got 2 kegs and 4 grills, BYO if you want
$5 donation at the door (optional)
it’s @Rad_Town in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

:: TinniTusk ::
Going / Sigal / Turner performing Fleetwood Mac as Pussy Galore

:: Sick to the Back Teeth ::
Chris M

:: DeTrop ::
Ryan, Theresa, Dave
Synths, electronics, tapes
memb Home Blitz, York Factory Complaint

:: Epileptinomicon + McCord ::
(Denver, CO/Philadelphia, PA)

:: VAZ ::
(Jeff Mooridian and Paul Erickson of AmRep legends HAMMERHEAD)

:: Lame Drivers ::

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